School of Design

4 departments, 63 students

The School of Design Postgraduate Showcase features work from programmes in Fashion and Textiles; Graphics, Illustration, Photography; Interior Design and Product Design.

In the last year, we have all been experiencing profound disruption and abrupt intrusions upon our ways of living. It is hard to understate the significance of the moment and uncertainty abounds.

In spite of the dissonance generated by the pandemic, these postgraduate students continued to improvise and create. They worked remotely but maintained a nearness to their respective staff teams and each other. Dispersed studios came together online to engage in dialogue during which all matters were reappraised, contested, unpicked, reassembled. Work was developed and refined during some of the most challenging periods of the emergency. The conclusion of that effort and invention is the work on show here. Presented, now, at a time when the haze is perhaps lifting, what you are able to clearly witness, is testament to the enduring capacity of the imagination to transform, reconnect and make sense of the world around us.