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Erin Moodie (She/Her)

I’m Erin Moodie, a graduate interior design student from Glasgow.

I have studied Interior Design for the last 5 years, graduating with a HND from City of Glasgow College and an undergrad degree from Heriot Watt University. I came to GSA Masters program to further my practice and confidence within the discipline.

Behind the Facade
Generational Identity in the Domestic interior

Behind the Facade

An interior design project that looks to overcoming the absence of human of the site by speculating narratives, using spatial elements as a way of storytelling. Referring to theoretical case and film studies, elements within the interiors are used as ‘props’ to further a character’s narrative and create stories within the space.


Interior Section

facade to interior gif

site isometric ground floor

developmental narrative collage

Generational Identity in the Domestic interior

Using the British television show ‘Gogglebox’ as a case study, my thesis project looked at generational identity in the domestic interior and the narrative of home within the ‘Silent Gen’ and ‘Gen Z’ identities.

generational placing chart