MDes Sound for the Moving Image

8 students

This programme enables students to explore and develop their creative practice through the medium of sound design and music composition/production for the moving image. The emphasis of the programme rationale is the interplay between creative practices underpinned by theoretical research and mediated through the craft elements of sound production within a visual environment.  This practice of sound production is applied to film, animation, television, virtual reality, new media, electronic games and sound art.

Students also engage with the theoretical and historical framework of sound for the moving image thus facilitating the ability to contextualise their own work within this framework.

The programme promotes production of original work, through individual or group-based research, that is conceptually-driven, aesthetically challenging and wide-ranging in its use of sound design and music production/composition.

from To Send or Not to Send

from When the Rudder Snaps

from Time

from Trial Day

from Post_Production

from Binaural_Compositions

from Binaural_Compositions

from Video_Game_Audio

from Binaural_Compositions

from “No Escape”

from “Who’s a Good Girl!”

from Bha Là Eile Ann – Radiophrenia Glasgow 2020

from Tiugainn Dachaidh

from Tiugainn Dachaidh

from Clyde Built

from Bha Là Eile Ann – Radiophrenia Glasgow 2020

from Spectral Space : Notating Spatial Audio

from Distorted Daydream

from The Color of Pomegranates – Reworked audio scene