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Multiple personality is a description of the personality characteristics of a person showing two or more different “roles”. Its characteristic is that such people will have different personalities in different scenes to help  them cope and protect themselves,

and then different personalities have different personality hobbies and appearances, and they perceive different spaces under different main character. The space seen is deviated from other personalities in terms of angle, distance and direction.


Pieces of Billy Milligan
Scenary of split

Pieces of Billy Milligan

This topic will analyze the six different personalities of an ontology through “The Minds of Billy Milligan”, explore related social phenomena and problems, and imagine the behavior pattern of personality in space through the description of books, and the influence of space environment on human behavior , The emotional changes of personality in space, and the changes in perception of different personalities in space. According to the perception space of multiple personality splitters, find relevant experience space cases, so that mainstream people can experience the world in the mind of this group. Through the impact of the experience space on people’s resonance, let the public understand them and sympathize with them. When people abandon their prejudice against these people, they also gradually feel their own different feelings and reactions in different emotional spaces, discovering that we too Multiple masks also represent that we have different personalities in different environments. Consequently, to some extent, we will also split multiple personalities, and we are them too. We should understand them more from their standpoint, eliminate social discrimination, and give more care.

Pieces of personalities

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Scenary of split