MDes Fashion & Textiles School of Design

The Fisherwomen


This project talks about the story of traditional fisherwomen, which is I inspired by my great-grandma. Traditional cultures are precious. In my project, there are three essential parts, cultural appreciation, sustainability design, and functionality.



Cultural Appreciation

Inspiration from traditional fisherwomen and architecture culture I used woven skills to create the surface. It is a kind of texture from baskets. Also, in my project, I got some 3D details design and inspired from the roof of traditional architecture. The 3D structures are worth bringing visual impact to the whole collection.


Sustainability and deconstruction

I used second-hand and sustainable materials in the development and production process, such as water, knitting needles, and chopsticks second-hand clothes. I select cotton and linen fabrics because it represents the culture of fishers and environmentally friendly. I also choose denim because it is wearable. Deconstruction is the critical method and feature in collection, such as I used jeans to create my shirt and jack.


Practical and functionality

In this project, I developed traditional fishermen’s wear and cooperated with contemporary design ideas. Such as there are some pocket ideas in my garment; they can be Invisible. Consider the weather, and I think my customer should get a hood which I used waterproof fabric and invisible by a zip. Another functionality idea is to create a 3D pocket that looks like a bag, and customers can take them off and be a shoulder bag or a 3D waist belt.



Development traditional culture and spread them. Also, I hope people can consider their shopping behavior and control their waste source lifestyle. Fast fashion had already lead to too many pollution, I against it and used second-hand fabric and wearable fabric in my project.


Additional Information Plan: I will do more research about functionality design and fabric and realize more traditional culture around the world—innovative, protect, and spread.