MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Eva Kyrimi (she/her)

I am an illustrator and visual designer. During this study course, I undertook projects drawing a lot of inspiration from my own childhood experiences and the environment I was brought up in. My creative choices were often dictated by the desire to engage, discover and experiment with new analog techniques and media, to enrich knowledge and gain a broader perspective in my practice. In the future, I wish to continue working on projects where I get to opportunity to mix my new skills with already possessed digital expertise.

Collective Zine
The only home I ever had
Penguin Student Book Award
Newspaper portraits
Mapping a text

The only home I ever had

By collecting pebbles and simply responding to each one’s shape and mood while reflecting on Patrick Leigh Fermor’s book “Mani – Travels in the Southern Peloponnese”, mini stone sculptural compositions emerged. Following a minimalistic, almost primitivistic approach this project lies in a beloved place where I used to spend the summers of my childhood. The compositions blend the architecture, textures, shapes, colours and even senses encountered when physically being in the area.

Binding elements

Nothing but light, stone and sea

Ossuary of the rock

Coastal view

Marmoreal world of stones

Ashy olive leafs that tingle under the bursting sun

Within the rocks, a rambling sun

Nighttime in the terrace


Penguin Student Book Award

Entry for the Penguin Student Book Design Awards on the “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells.

My approach focuses on the widely believed idea that the climate change is slow. The cover presents a house on a spit as a response to the fact that we, humans, set the fire and roast our own home, the Earth. The idea emerged from an Easter tradition of my homeland, and it was looked at as an attempt to convey irony.

Newspaper portraits

This short series of illustrations explores the mystery of each individual, the fact that often we all try to portray rather than express something. But the face holds hints that we can’t hide, and it communicates something else. Using as canvas repurposed ephemera, such as old newspaper sheets, is a reminder to myself that artistic expression does’t have to come from expensive art crafts or technology equipment, while at the same time it carries a feeling of nostalgia which often appears in my work.




Mapping a text

An immediate response to a short brief requiring to select a text or book where the city has a significant presence, either as a character within the plot, then asked to map the city as it appears within the text. Reflecting on the non-fiction book “Philological lounges and cafes of Athens” which explores the theme of literary cafeterias in Athens, many of which do not exist anymore, as places that are an invisible part of our spiritual life as a nation. These are places that are connected not only with individuals, but with groups and circles of writers, who played a role in the cultivation and evolution of modern Greek literature. Marker on ceramic plate.