Innovation School

6 departments, 33 students

These postgraduate students from Innovation School in 2021 are special. They were engaging with complex societal issues before anyone knew what Covid-19 was. They knew the systems in place in the world were in serious need of change before “social distancing” entered the lexicon; they were aware of the socio-political contexts we live in and with which we engage on a daily basis could be different when “lockdown” sounded like an upcoming Jason Statham film that no-one really wanted to see; and they were ready to challenge the way we do and organise things before touchscreens became ubiquitous, never mind before you couldn’t touch “your own face”.

In Innovation School we pride ourselves on creating change with positive impact. Sure, you’ll see projects here that are related to the global pandemic but you’ll also see things that aren’t and other work that has been magnified by the recent situation that we’ve found ourselves in. This is what we do.

The “new normal”?

Meet the preferable normal, the abnormal normal, the different normal, the provocative normal, the altered normal, the speculative normal, the normal for debate, the normal we haven’t thought of yet and the normal that’s just weird enough to work.

The Innovation School normal.