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Shiying Zhang

A new definition of vertical farms under global warming in the future

A new definition of vertical farms under global warming in the future

Exploration of sustainable design for the future environment

A series of background studies and case investigations have found that under global warming and the future environment, more and more floating cities will appear, which will help people through difficult times. At the same time, new types of farms Will also appear simultaneously to solve the global food problem. In this process, the green development of the building is combined with space, and the concept of concentrating light is introduced from the outdoors to the interior, realizing the significance of sustainable development and green ecology, and effectively alleviating the food crisis in the future. Under the influence of global warming, buildings and spaces will better achieve the goal of sustainable development with people, and the sustainable design of buildings and spaces will maximize the use of resources. In the future, farm planting will still be an indispensable part of people’s survival. At the same time, the use of solar energy will become more and more widespread. The combination of the two will realize a new type of agricultural carrier in the future. LED light energy will also participate in planting in the future. During the activities, the output will be increased so that people can live better in the difficult environment in the future. However, such a design concept will have some problems at the same time. For example, in the construction process, energy consumption will increase and the concept of a friendly building cannot be realized. Secondly, for some cities where there is no sunlight all year round, the conversion of light energy is more difficult, but there are ways to further solve it, such as using other energy sources such as wind energy. This can be discussed in future research.