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Yun Liu

Yun Liu likes to discover the relationship between human emotion, nature and indoor space. In her eyes, artifact is a medium that blurs the boundary between man and nature. At the same time, it is full of a sense of future, which fascinates her. Behind these things, there is often a rich culture.

Fake Playground

Fake Playground

This project is about the application of artificial nature in interior design and its significance. My research question is that, in the near future life, when artificial nature is applied to the interior space to form a new nature, can it become a symbol of civilization that representing the past landscape history, at the same time from a heterotopia? How can its significance be reflected in the era when consumerism grows rapidly with the development of science and technology? This problem arises because I find that I am often attracted by some nature objects. Perhaps it is since we live in the city for a long time and have an unconscious desire for nature. I began to think that nature is already very scarce in our life. Most of the plants in the city are deliberately planted after careful planning. But from another point of view, human beings are also a part of nature, and artificial objects should also belong to nature. In this way, the cars and buildings created by people are essentially the same as the nests created by swallows. But the forms of reinforced cement and wild nature objects are so different. As a medium to break the boundary between man and nature, the application of artificial nature in interior design makes me curious. Perhaps in the end, people will find that artificial fake nature is also a kind of real nature.

The purpose of this project is to alleviate the anxiety in the era of consumerism by studying the application and development of artificial nature in indoor space and starting from Foucault’s space theory of “heterotopia”. It aims to challenge the nature aesthetics of interior space and develop a new view of nature from the perspective of space. By creating a false of heterogeneous space, people can reflect on the real society.

video test1

video test2

video test3

I did an experiment. I've simulated a future space with a strong desire for nature. In this room, people feel nature by playing the video. It’s a digital nature symbolized the real past nature. I asked people to put on oxygen equip- ment to simulate an era when the earth began to lack oxygen due to the sharp decrease of natural resources. People watch them, touch them, smell them. Through this exaggerated assumption of the future world, I emphasize the uniqueness of artificial nature and new aesthetics of its existence.
Welcome to the Fake Playground

ticket for ’fake playground‘

Next you will start a wonderful journey.

outside of ‘fake playground’

You come to this place, which is located in a downtown park. Is this the so-called nature in the city? According to the instructions, you come to a forest in the park and found a small box house deep in the forest“ "Fake playground", the logo on the house says. But the gate is closed. You don't know what's going to happen inside. You go to the door, scanned the QR code on the ticket, and the door opened.

fake playground

Surrounded by electronic screens, playing natural images. Although we usually look at these images through our mobile phone. But under the huge screen, you still feel the shock and the smallness of human beings. This is indeed very similar to the feeling of real nature, but it is full of a sense of science and technology. The foot is a soft false lawn, on which many people have picnics and rest. Further on, there is a small pool. Someone is fishing for fake goldfish. They are like in real nature.

fake playground

Turn left and come to a hill. So you climbed up the mountain and go to the hillside. There's a huge sun here. Wait, this looks like the moon? It's strange that it's the color and light of the sun. It's really the shape of a moon bud. Some people lie down here and "bask in the sun". Although it was a little strange, it did make people feel relaxed and seemed to make them forget that they were in the city.

fake playground

After a rest, you decided to continue climbing to the top of the mountain. There's a slide here. You followed the slide back to the foot of the mountain and found a translucent space. Someone inside seems to be meditating.

fake playground

When get into this space and looked at the fake nature around us, the changing electronic screen, the strange sun in the air, the people playing... you don't know why it is grotesque and beautiful in this fake and obvious natural space. At the same time, you can imagine why it has become like this. It seems to be an evolution of "nature" in the future. People's greedy desire has changed the ecology.


Like a secret box! The "Fake playground" is a space that advocates happy consumerism with artificial nature as the medium and based on Foucault's heterotopia space theory and Slavoj's theory of fantasy. Symbolically, it uses the symbols of primitive natural objects such as mountain, sun and fish pond to deform and transform, so as to metaphor people's desire to change nature due to excessive consumption; In terms of senses, it uses digi- tal technology to combine reality and falsehood, and provides immersive feeling; In color, it is full of colorful and gorgeous colors from nature, in contrast to the gray city. It has become a heterotopia in the real world and meets people's fantasy. People relax and enjoy themselves in the "Fake playground", and reflect on the current consumerism society while interacting with the fake nature, and rethink the defini- tion of truth and falsehood.