MDes Interior Design School of Design

Lyes Chikhoun

The project focuses on the interior of a dwelling in a post industrial Building. The aims of the project is about the effect of daylight on human mental health well being trying to find or propose another vision on how to improve the daylight that most of the post industrial building are missing and reduce human mental health disorder as it is affecting the mental health of the occupants which can cause stress, depression, anxiety etc…

The image shows the final proposal of a typical building in a northern country like Scotland precisely in Glasgow adding coloured glass windows in the openings to tackle the darkness that the inner spaces are having most of the time and increase daylight sources (sunlight and skylight) yellow and blue respectively inspired from religious aspect Islam an Christianity cause of the same meaning they have on these two colours.

The use of the yellow and the blue results a perfect shadow move inside the space from sunrise to sunset which gives the occupant a good atmosphere and be more productive and also give a feeling of living the space because our brain is biologically set to its inner clock.

The project it is also for economic purpose, reviving the urban with vibrant coloured facades relying to term of “Good Quality, Good Economy”.


Project Experiment 1