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Yingrui Wang

New Chinese Medicine Care Service for Chinese Young Generation

New Chinese Medicine Care Service for Chinese Young Generation

Times go fast and this is the last project for me at Glasgow school of art. I have already done 4-5 projects here and also, I think I change from a service design beginner to one who really loves service design. It is a hard choice to study service design 3 years ago and it definitely attracts me a lot and encourages me to apply for GSA.

In my master’s year, I think all of the courses are 2 times faster than normal courses. We are taught to learn something during the practices, though this is difficult for me, I have no time to stop, learn something, understand it and then start to really do it. Therefore, I began to learn through practices and projects, and I am lucky to meet my friends who also love service design.

For my major project, I have spent time thinking about what my topic is but I finally choose “Chinese medicine”. It is always difficult to do something local and cultural in another country. I know doing service design about Chinese culture would have lots of difficulties in understanding and the differences of culture would make me hard to express what I am thinking and doing. But finally, I choose this topic, not only because I am Chinese, but also, I want Chinese medicine to be a new type of service in the future, refresh it, spread it and people around the world will gradually know what I am talking about.

Therefore, I did it and now I make it. Thanks for all the support and my hard work, I would go further in service design in my future career.


Design Background:

Traditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years’ history. However, the Z generation nowadays has less knowledge about this culture and gradually loses their trust in it. Chinese medicine has its own advantages and has been proved to be effective and useful in different kinds of diseases, especially the sub-health symptoms that young people nowadays are suffering. Therefore, it is urgent to save this culture and at the same time, offer young people an optimized experience to access Chinese medicine care services to improve their sub-health status.

Design Goals:

-Help Chinese young people get easier access to Chinese medicine service, improve their sub-health status caused by heavy work pressure and increase their trust in it
-Increase the reputation spread of Chinese medicine, refresh the whole experience of suggestion, diagnosis, treatment, recovery to fit the trend of the new era. Gain more trust from young people to protect the cultural heritage.


Thinking after the project

In this project, I spent time and passions, I use my service design knowledge learned in GSA and also I show my abilities of finding insights, defining problems, deiciding design directions, giving design strategy and giving design solutions, which means the whole-line ability of a service designer.
I appreciate my hard work and also my passions in service design during this great time and experience.

I am not sure now, how a service designer can create values in the real business world and I am not sure when I can be a professional service design in the future, because for now, I am a user experience designer, finding myself doing similar things with service designers but still some differences. I hope, in the near future, I can regard myself as a service designer, create values for my brands and have larger chances to say out my thinking and show how service designer could solve problems.

Great project practices for me and a new start !

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