Innovation School MDes Design Innovation & Service Design

Lauren – Haoning Liu

Innovative designer with a background in product design and service design.

Focus on human-centred research in addition to mastering design tools.

Interested in topics about Women’s Lifestyle, Health and Internet communication-related.

Here I mainly show a series of projects designed around several aspects of women’s lifestyle.

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No More Invisible Work
Supplement of father’s role
Gynecological Self Test
Mystery mushroom

No More Invisible Work

This is a good wish. I hope women don’t need to do invisible work for safety one day in the future.

I hope to reduce women’s invisible work caused by their fear of public space through multi angle space intervention.

Let the public space pay attention to, understand and undertake women’s safety work Not women themselves.


This topic is based on the study of women’s fear of potential dangers in public space.

Discrimination and risk against women always exist in public space, but it is usually invisible before some opportunities occur.

why does it matter?

The first step in engaging women in space production. Reclaiming democratic space for women. Influencing people's perceptions through repetitive messages (and perhaps influencing the perfect victim standard). This workflow can also be applied to other multidisciplinary cooperation projects.

Supplement of father’s role

The objective of the design is to solve the problem that children of single-mother families lacking the male role to imitate.

The problem came from observations and case summaries of the current living state of Chinese women. The lives and desires of many women in China are controlled by male-dominated monogamy. Even unmarried women cannot get rid of the phenomenon of being pushed to get married and give birth. The social ideology defaults to the families form of man and woman.

The root cause of women’s difficulty in getting rid of repression is that single-parent families are not good for their children’s growth due to the lack of a father’s role. Under this concept, most mothers who are oppressed by the families will remain silent for their children. I tried to find a method to replace the role of the fathers so as to solve the social rationality of the single-mother families and liberate the women under family oppression.

Through research and analysis of the social relationship, psychology and other issues of single-mother families, the image and functions of the fathers in normal families are decomposed. Guided by the learning needs of the male gender role in single-parent families, the service system with the playground as the core has been designed.

Gynecological Self Test

The objective of the design is to deal with the problem of conservative Chinese women’s reluctance to gynecological examinations under the influence of ideologies such as “slut-shaming” that lead to exacerbation or even threats to life.

The stigma of women’s desires in Chinese patriarchal society has led to the long-standing world outlook of disapproving oneself and thus becomes conservative towards the private part of one’s body. Women are more susceptible to be shameful about gynecological diseases due to the lack of sex education and women’s lack of understanding of their sexual organs. For women who have already been affected, they would be guided to take the opportunity of examination to touch and observe their own sexual organs and to begin to understand and accept that the vagina is only an organ. After being familiar with this type of examination, women will be more receptive to the higher-level gynecological examinations where doctors are present and thus reducing the situation of delays due to shame.

Through collecting survey data, the author verified that women’s acceptance of gynecological examinations was related to whether they had observed their own sexual organs and understood why it was difficult for women to accept gynecological examinations. With the assistance of doctors from the clinical lab, the author verified the usability of the design through the approximate time the specimen was valid.

Mystery mushroom

Currently, there is a problem of low economic benefit in woodland, and the commercial value of thinning wood is not high, which aggravates the problem. At the same time, the publicity of woodland is not enough, people do not know about woodland, and have few opportunities to go to woodland.



The project examines the thinning process and the use of thinning products in detail, and the results show that thinning is a common behavior and the value of thinning products was limited. At the same time, we also conducted in-depth interviews with users and learned that they had a certain yearning for woodland, but they didn’t know much about woodland, so they didn’t take action.



The proposal is to build a forest experience box in the city, and at the same time, consumers can have the blind box made of wood chips from thinning wood, which can increase the economic benefits of woodland while publicizing woodland.