Innovation School MDes Design Innovation & Interaction Design

Tingwei Wang (he/him)

Hi! this is Tingwei. I am a graduate from Design Innovation & Interaction Design.

During this year, I studied interaction design in the Innovation School. I used design methods to find problems and try to create valuable solutions.

I really like the atmosphere created by the school and tutors. To become a designer, the most important thing is to solve problems, not simply show yourself. All the skills mastered in the interaction design course serve practical practice. I am also exploring how to start from phenomena, and with useful methods, to deeply explore people’s real needs and potential logic, and how to generate reliable design to have a positive impact on people’s lives. The process to figure out people’s minds and feelings with design thinking is a beautiful journey for me.

Video – Museumate
Museumate (Masters Project)
Prototyping – Museumate
Friend in Cushion
Other Works or Projects

Video – Museumate

Here is a video introducing what Museumate could do.


Museumate is the design outcome of my masters project in Design Innovation and Interaction Design. This is a design attempt at the possibility of experience of visiting museums. It is not only a useful tool to help you make all kinds of records you can imagine before, while and after visiting museums, but also a key to open the imaginary space of the virtual world full of exhibits.

Museumate (Masters Project)

It looks like an ordinary notebook from the outside, but its composition is far from simple. Through the design of contents of different working areas in this special notebook, I systematically integrate the process of people visiting the museum to help people record and sort out the information that people want to collect before, during and after the trip to museum, whether it is text, sketch, route or recording, pictures or even videos.


I hope to combine the whole process of visiting the museum through this design, including preparation in advance and later sorting and review, so as to make it a coherent whole with each part interrelated and reduce people’s sense of separation during the journey of visiting museums.

(image: Functions layout design)


There was a concept that I wanted to express through this design in appropriate way. The decentralization. The museum is a space with public attribute and has the responsibility of equally transmitting knowledge to the public. People could have their own ‘collection’ and ‘exhibits’ in appropriate forms for reviewing and sharing with other users and visitors by uploading and storing their favorite photos or videos on the online platform.

When doing tests, the function of uploading and storing digital materials was realized by an alternative way. I used Notion pages prepared in advance to store these photos from participators.

(image: Notion page)




Prototyping – Museumate

The high-fidelity prototype was made for the purpose of practical use. From the final test, the purpose was achieved. A prototype very close to the finished product could have more possibilities to find problems and get feedback in the test. The process of making prototypes by hand is also of great significance. A design should pay attention not only to how it will be used, but also to how it will be produced.

(image: Prototyping an tests)



Friend in Cushion

“Friend in Cushion” is a smart product with emotion and temperature. Young people in modern society are not only facing heavy pressure, but also facing many health problems, of which sleep and mental health are the most concerned. We hope to build people’s emotional bridge through a physical object. From my personal point of view, the Internet has reduced the threshold of people’s communication with various fancy functions, but at the same time, it also makes people tired and helpless in the face of increasing social relations. This is far from true companionship. We hope to implement the virtual connection to the entity and simplify the complex way of information transmission into a more natural and peaceful form.


This design attempts to transfer some slight and regular dynamic or static information of people’s body, such as peaceful breathing sound, rhythmic stroking, etc., as a signal between users through this product. These signals will be accurately collected and displayed in the form of sound or light by another person. These forms are usually white noise or breathing lamps, which are designed to create easier conditions for users to fall asleep.


In terms of technical application, I used Arduino’s sensors and kits to build a prototype of technical implementation and to help promote the progress of the project.


Friend in Cushion (Prototype)

Friend in Cushion (Prototype)

Friend in Cushion (Hand made Prototype)

Arduino Prototype

Other Works or Projects

Gacha! (Group Project in Studio 1C)

This is a gashapon that storing family members’ notes and topic for reviewing. When kids are using it, the sound of it would be like “Ga-cha!” so we named it “Gacha!”

According to our design intent, this gasha machine can help people record and store family memories and find topics at anytime. In determining the appearance and structure of the machine, I checked a lot of manual methods of making a candy dispenser machine, and felt that I had become an expert on gashapon. The basic principle of the candy dispenser machine is very easy to understand, but we wanted to make our product very friendly to people of all ages. In addition, we hoped that this product can bring the family together from the moment it is born, so it’s better to build it from parts like LEGO.



Travel Dinosaur (Group Project in Studio 1B)

In this project, we created a lovely virtual pat, Travel Dinosaur, which could help people stand up regularly to avoid sedentary risk. Dinosaurs will travel in different place and collect different items when users are sitting and they will come back to remind users to stand up and have fun with them. You can receive interesting things that dinosaurs bring back and discover the city. But only if you follow the advice of dinosaurs, otherwise these souvenirs will disappear if you sit for long and turn a blind eye to dinosaur advice.

This final concept presentation video was created by me.


Travel Dinosaur