Covid and Tomorrow’s World

In a world that has changed irrevocably, where do we go from here? These creative responses take stock of the past 18 months, and consider what a post-pandemic world could look like.

People have now lived through 14 months of pandemic life. Millions have endured a year of grief, anxiety, isolation, and rolling trauma. Some will recover uneventfully, but for others, the quiet moments after adrenaline fades and normalcy resumes may be unexpectedly punishing. When they finally get a chance to exhale, their breaths may emerge as sighs.

Ed Yong, The Atlantic

What would it even mean to hold a performance with 30 dancers observing social distancing? These protocols, after all, are about more than physical distancing; as we see, they are about the very absence of the relationships created by placing bodies in the same space. Solos and monologues will flourish; the lone dancer is bound to become the figure of a new aesthetics.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, choreographer