MSc Serious Games & Virtual Reality School of Simulation & Visualisation

Daniel Murray

Technology has always been the gateway to the unknown frontier; digital space is not a tool or a medium, it is the invisible unreality that is waiting to be found.

In the misty days some time around the millennium I had the notion I would like to make my own website. However, being six years old and not knowing much about anything that idea would take sixteen years and a degree in Computer Science to be realised, then fast forward another 5 years to get to now.

My work is heavily inspired by the myth of early technology, ‘80s CGI and the ‘90s web, a messy, inexplicable place, full of unknown possibilities and innocent ideals. The folk revival of the web is still out of sight but very much in reach. I see it as an antidote to the miasma the internet has become today, or at least a promise that tomorrow can be better.

For my dissertation I examined the design of Metaverses, or the sum of many interconnected virtual worlds. These other worldly places seem to be the natural destination of the current enthusiasm for making digital spaces and I dread and applaud their potential in equal measure.

Personal Website
Ozwomp’s Voyage in Cyberspace
Museum of Project Artefacts
Yonkrip Tribune
MoMG: Gif Gallery

Ozwomp’s Voyage in Cyberspace

This is an imaginary metaverse made of all the worlds I worked on during my time at the GSA.

Here you will observe Ozwomp (a crocodile donut) as he is created and dropped into cyberspace. During his travels there will be strange and sometimes sinister places, do not fear though, Ozwomp with his arms wide open to the wonder of existence will meet no evil.


Worlds Ozwomp visits in chronological order:

  • Melonking.Net (2016~) landing page of the website
  • Yonkrip Gate (2020) – from the web game Ozwomp is Arriving
  • The Ozway (2020) – from Ozwomp Online, collaboration with SSS
  • Icona City (2019) – from Iconadrive a collaboration with COB
  • Snake Room (2020) – an in class 3D modelling project
  • Crow Island (2017) – my first web based 3D world
  • MoMG Gallery (2021) – a 3D simulation of a 2D website
  • Tornado Island (2019) – from the mini game My Little Tornado

Museum of Project Artefacts

This is a virtual museum containing artefacts and unused assets from a number of projects I worked on while at the GSA.

Use your mouse to look and walk around, take your time to study the space, but please keep your voice down, this is a quiet place for the artefacts to rest, here at the end of all things.

Additionally, look for the links below to visit some other past projects and games.

Museum of Project Artifacts (2021)

Yonkrip Tribune

This is a zine written for the GSA Library open call for zines. Its an imaginary tabloid originating from the same universe as Ozwomp, and it expands the life and culture of the inhabitants of that universe. In it we can glimpse the worries, hopes and ideals of a reality far from our own. May it provide you with greater depth for you next visit to Ozwomp’s world.

Yonkrip Tribune Page 1 (2020) - Revised Edition

Yonkrip Tribune Page 2 (2020) - Revised Edition

MoMG: Gif Gallery

This is a virtual gallery of 99,969 gif images sourced from across the web. The gallery randomly generates a new room each time you click on the door, so there are an infinite number of rooms to visit. The original authors and context for these gifs are long forgotten, leaving just you and the gifs, lost together in a gallery of eternal space.