Would You Like to Get to Know Me? / Gestures

Would You Like to Get to Know Me? Is a community-engaged project curated by Rachael Ryder with Glasgow’s East-end community. The project has three elements; a film made with the Barras market community, film workshops with a local school, and hand-printed Irish Linen. The online screening event will exhibit the films of four artists (including Rachael) whose work depicts community members from local and nonlocal constituencies. Each film fosters a distinct approach, used by the artist to engage with and platform the voices of the people on camera. The relationships between artist and person vary from tender to professional but always reflect a familiarity. There is also an online reading and panel discussion featured in the showreel between Belfast writer and researcher Maria Fusco and staff members from Bluecoat Art Centre. Maria reads an extract from her essay A Belly of Irreversibles in which she describes her ‘working-class method’.


Gestures, 2021, is a collection of recorded moments by Rachael Ryder shared with the community of Glasgow’s East-end. The film documents exchanges of heritage stories, art, representation, and life; revisiting histories through an Irish-Scots lineage. Family, pride, and treasured inheritance are among the sentiments that are woven within this community.


Showreel programme (total running time 2 hours 2 minutes)

In order of appearance

Jatiwangi – George Clark

This Is Where The Spirits Tend To Hang Out – Ross Little

LONDONERS – Hussina Raja

A Belly of Irreversibles (panel discussion/digital reading) – Maria Fusco

Gestures – Rachael Ryder



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