When the Rudder Snaps

“When the Rudder Snaps” (2020) by Jennifer Grey and Directed by Jacqueline Wilde is a work that was created at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown.  Kirstin and Jaqueline collaborated on the sound design implementation and worked remotely with highly talented professional actors.

“When the Rudder Snaps” is a fictional story about a politician who finds herself washed up on an unfamiliar shore with no papers and no passport.

The extra challenges of this piece were; how to best utilise limited resources in the recording process; how to obtain the best possible recordings and performances in far from ideal conditions; and how any flawed audio recordings could best be used.

The sound effects, voices and music were created and recorded during the first 2020 lockdown under “Stay at Home” instructions, without access to professional studios or locations.

(Not to be used for any commercial Purposes )


Produced and presented by Script to Stage Renfrewshire.


Directed By – Jacqueline Wilde

Written By – Jennifer Grey

Sound Design and Music – Kirstin Mclellan


Theresa May – Elsa Strachan
First Interrogator and Caseworker – Elizabeth Malnar
Second Interrogator – Matteo Francesconi
Tribunal Judge – Unyimeobong Matthew

Voice over for credits – Glenn (Sim) Curtis




When the Rudder Snaps written by Jennifer Grey and Directed by Jacqueline Wilde