Trial Day

The award winning game Trial Day is about receiving false information about the Covid pandemic.

The sound design , music and voiceover created a sense of a professional environment which subtly satirises corporate priorities.

As part of the COST-action INDICOR 2020 complexity jam, Kirstin was the sound designer, musician and vocal editor for a randomly selected group of unaffiliated, international game builders.  The team won the “Cash prize for further development” despite being the only team made up of members who had never met or worked together before.

The premise of the competition was to build a game or digital narrative, in the space of 1 week, to highlight the complexity of “too much information” in our digital world.  This game helped to shape the premise of Kirstin’s later works within her masters course.


Game Design, Narrative Design: Dimitra Mavrogonatou – Greece, Netherlands based.

Level Design, Game Design, Programming: Eren ÇAYLAK – Turkey

Sound Design, Music: Kirstin Carol Mclellan

Visual Design: Sid Chou –  Taiwan, NY based industrial designer & creative technologist.

Visual Design: Yiting Liu – Chinese, NY based creative technologist.

Special thanks

to Glenn Curtis for the epic voice over! Glenn is a Scotland based voiceover artist.

COST-action INDICOR 2020 Complexity Jam


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