Threshold is a short graphic novella I wrote and illustrated in my second semester. Surprise announcements made by the UK government over the Christmas break of 2020-21 saw the students who were lucky enough to be able to visit their families, stuck there for months with no end date. In response to the situation, this comic uses found materials and methods- such as collaging together fragments of past work in my Dad’s old scanner- to recognise parallels between personal rumination and the global state of things. The resulting main character exists in a liminal space and lacks community, exhibiting a strange lament for, and confusion toward, past experiences she still finds torment in revisiting. With nothing else to do, she picks at her past like an old wound, blindly navigating the present, out of refusal to critically address and acknowledge the threat of her immediate situation. The completed book is a laser jet printed edition of 10 A5 zines, hand-bound with risograph covers printed onto old parcel paper, with a pull-out newspaper page from 2061.

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