Supplement of father’s role

The objective of the design is to solve the problem that children of single-mother families lacking the male role to imitate.

The problem came from observations and case summaries of the current living state of Chinese women. The lives and desires of many women in China are controlled by male-dominated monogamy. Even unmarried women cannot get rid of the phenomenon of being pushed to get married and give birth. The social ideology defaults to the families form of man and woman.

The root cause of women’s difficulty in getting rid of repression is that single-parent families are not good for their children’s growth due to the lack of a father’s role. Under this concept, most mothers who are oppressed by the families will remain silent for their children. I tried to find a method to replace the role of the fathers so as to solve the social rationality of the single-mother families and liberate the women under family oppression.

Through research and analysis of the social relationship, psychology and other issues of single-mother families, the image and functions of the fathers in normal families are decomposed. Guided by the learning needs of the male gender role in single-parent families, the service system with the playground as the core has been designed.