Retrace is a research project that explores spatial choreography through memory. Stimulated by the idea of “emergence” as described by Graham Harman in the book Object Oriented Ontology: A New Theory of Everything, this research places an inanimate, yet discontinuous emergent entity, a situation, at the heart of the site. This very situation dominates a female human occupant, who, through movements, tries to recreate her domestic space in a weather radar.

‘We live in worlds in which the material and the mental, the experienced and the remembered, and imagined completely fuse into each other.’ (Pallasmaa, 2005)

The study dissects ways in which one remembers object-related movements that are embedded through sensory attachment and habituation; even to an extent that one is able to recreate these movements in a new space and time.

The resultant (linked below) is a video that showcases a choreography of movements catalysed by the situation in a weather radar and inflicted by the domestic memory of the female occupant.

What is a host?
Diminishing memory of the inhabitant
Site model
Site materiality iterations
Site materiality
Materials and verticality of the site
Choreographing movements in a new space using domestic cues through memory
Within the site - the material and mental
Experimenting with movements and sub-movements to create choreographies
Experimenting with movements and objects to create choreographies