Restriction. Intervention. Connection.

This multi-media exhibition combined a simultaneous analysis of Covid-19’s effect on the online shopping industry and the traditional routines of viewing art.

During a 24 hour period, a selection of artworks appeared, hidden in plain sight, across pre-existing platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Depop and eBay. The artworks were viewable by placing 1, 2 or all 3 keywords, HANDCUFFS, WHISKEY and TELEPHONE, in the search bar of each shopping site. After the day-long event, a catalogue was produced to document the exhibition and each work’s fleeting display.

This project was curated alongside Louise Burns and Sam M Harley and featured works by Amy Kim Grogan, Emma Grady, Anna Andrea Winther, Olga Ouyang, Keris Heading, Sam Branden, and Alex Warner.


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Keywords Explained

A work on display on Etsy

Depop display

printed catalogue