It has been concluded that the proposal of mycelium as living architecture will benefit the environment, as suggested by the designers of the case studies stated in this statement. However, we are still at the beginning stage of this construction material evolution. Further interdisciplinary collaboration and thought-provoking conversation will be required to exploit mycelium’s full potential as a proven alternative construction material.This project successfully interrogates the typical issues documented on a Georgian building block in Glasgow, with an alternative construction material suggested as a solution.

Due to the development of this project, the design has changed from being a structural to decorative element as there is still uncertainty about the feasibility of mycelium as a structural material. Also, it is a more sympathetic design when relationship to Art Nouveau is considered. The initial concept of “simultaneous movement system” is achieved by the proposal of a consistent decorative element. On a personal level, I find myself interested in sustainable design by utilizing innovative and decorative materials.

3D Animation created on 3ds Max