Queer people

queer population category classification

Male to female


Transgender men, who are biologically male, change their biology to become female through a series of medical or surgical procedures. Starting from the head, I directly used the self-portrait of Claude Cahun, an artist in real life. Her works are self-portraits that examine and challenge the concepts of gender and identity. His works often present a state of transformation or transition. It has a mask in its hand that I want to show that blurring the line between female and male, hiding or exposing oneself behind the mask. The whole body I changed the structure of the male body, the bottom picture is the overall body of the male body, through the way of surgery in the male chest filled with breast, the lower body of the male organs, surgical cutting, at the same time taking anti-growth drugs, to stop or slow the growth of male hormones and organs.

female to male

A transgender woman is a person who is biologically female and, through a series of chemical or scientific methods, changes her biology to become male. For example, the middle position of this person is a female chest, through the way of surgery to cut the breast, the chest becomes as smooth as a male, the private part of the lower part of the body is installed prosthetic phallus and other changes, this person not only wants to change their heart and spirit into a male, but also to change their physiology into a male. But one thing that's changing and we can see that is bone development, women tend to have smaller bones and men tend to have larger bones than women.

gay (man)

A gay man, a scene where two boys fall in love. The reason why the top and bottom use the heads of two different types of animals is to show that the same is true in gay men, although they are both male in physical structure but psychologically and behaviourally there is always one who is more female and one who is more male. Actually according to my observation and research, I think we heterosexual queer and difference in the life is not very big, may be the biggest difference is that in the process of courtship will suffer from strange eyes, have to consider the factor of society and the reality, more layers surface is derived from psychological or other stress, and different sex life.


Lesbians, this picture I use divides the two parts, the upper part I use the giraffe and the female body has said lesbians in more feminine, and it is the opposite of having partial male body but actually defined as the group of women, (because according to my survey and observed that although lesbian is two girls in love, However, from the perspective of personality and behavior, there is always one who is more female, while the other is more neutral or male. The combination of the two halves of the body indicates their union and relationship. In the middle, I vaguely used some pictures of lesbian sex to express their scenes of making love.