My project is inspired by the architectural design works of the famous architect Zaha Hadid, whose design mainly forms a comfortable space with natural and smooth curves. I investigated some fashion designers’ work inspired by architecture and compared architects with garments, finding similarities in structure and expression. According to the network research and field investigation of its architectural characteristics and style, I also paid attention to some different area designers. In terms of historical research, I explored the haute couture dresses f!”# Dior and Balenciaga from the 1940s and 1950s, which have the same extensive silhouettes and emphasized clothing structures.

According to the previous research work, I developed my design points through oil painting and collages and then used paper and fabric to do many three-dimensional experiments. Here are a load of experiments for the 3D work with fabric and I also add some different texture and even the lights to illustrate the shadow of it. After that, I photoshopped the photos of those 3D experiments to create visual lineups. And I think this part is one of the most successful parts of my project.

As for the choice of fabric color, according to the picture collages of the previous research and color wraps of my photos, I used the color mainly in white tone. Since my garment’s silhouette is relatively large, it needs to be made of hard materials, so I tested and bonded different fabrics together. I also made many various attempts to choose fabrics, such as cotton, silk, leather and Jersey. And then I fold them into different shapes.

In the final stage, I mainly focused on the choice and adjusted the final looks and tried to present my design in 3D digital by using 3D modeling software such as Blender. My work is presented well with the light and shadow in 3D software, and they could be seen clearly when the garments could show in 360 degrees.

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