Potential Common Points between Space and Stomach

From the very beginning, People used to create or image world from their body, interior space and architecture are products of that. Why choose stomach rather than other organs? The stomach as a part of the body, because of the number of stomach diseases in the world this reason.

At the same time, as “Corpus Museum in Netherland – A Voyage Through The Human Body” shows the possibility combination between body and the whole building, helping people explore inside of the body which can see the structure and so many interesting things. And from exhibition “The Body World”, lots of human body in different ages, action, but when we focus on these exhibits, spaces only are the containers of to put all things inside. The neglect of space in today’s exhibitions related to the human body, the relationship between stomach and space is sought on the basis of this approach, and both stomach and interior space are the main protagonists of this project.

The architect Mies van der Rohe [1] use the Principle of “X-Ray” and try glass instead of concrete and other materials, making the internal space can be seen. This metaphorical way of expressing the human desire to know the inside of the human body is projected on the architecture as curiosity about the inside of the building.

By exploring the original role of the interior space and the stomach, I hope to consider the commonalities between the two. I will summarize all the research contents and materials in our own way, and also make models, paintings, collages to visualize them.

The whole project revolves around finding the special commonalities between the interior space and the organ stomach, discussing elements between and notions both of them, helping us to think about the commonality between things. We may visit from the perspective of the food inside the stomach, or we may understand from the perspective of the person visiting the space

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