PLASTIC TREND series is inspired by plastic waste in the ocean. In 2017, the American non-profit organization “The Plastic Ocean Foundation” pointed out that since the birth of plastic, 90% of plastic products have not been recycled and entered the natural environment. 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. Human beings are always pursuing the issue of protecting life, but invisibly accelerate the demise of the life cycle. This series is named “PLASTIC TREND”, which is intended to express: when people have caused irreparable trauma to the earth environment, they can only adapt to this new environment. After marine plastic particles enter the human body, human genes A new round of biological evolution will begin.

The artistically distorted tailoring and dramatic design style broke people’s impression of traditional dresses. Stacked aesthetics, deconstruction remodeling, Pioneer shirring and other elements to make PLASTIC TREND design is more abundant. In terms of materials, many environmentally friendly PET yarns and recycled nylon reconstituted from plastic particles are used.

The PLASTIC TREND series calls for the symbiosis and coexistence of mankind and nature to achieve ecological balance. Explain the understanding of fashion and sustainable development with design language and products.