Other Works or Projects

Gacha! (Group Project in Studio 1C)

This is a gashapon that storing family members’ notes and topic for reviewing. When kids are using it, the sound of it would be like “Ga-cha!” so we named it “Gacha!”

According to our design intent, this gasha machine can help people record and store family memories and find topics at anytime. In determining the appearance and structure of the machine, I checked a lot of manual methods of making a candy dispenser machine, and felt that I had become an expert on gashapon. The basic principle of the candy dispenser machine is very easy to understand, but we wanted to make our product very friendly to people of all ages. In addition, we hoped that this product can bring the family together from the moment it is born, so it’s better to build it from parts like LEGO.



Travel Dinosaur (Group Project in Studio 1B)

In this project, we created a lovely virtual pat, Travel Dinosaur, which could help people stand up regularly to avoid sedentary risk. Dinosaurs will travel in different place and collect different items when users are sitting and they will come back to remind users to stand up and have fun with them. You can receive interesting things that dinosaurs bring back and discover the city. But only if you follow the advice of dinosaurs, otherwise these souvenirs will disappear if you sit for long and turn a blind eye to dinosaur advice.

This final concept presentation video was created by me.


Travel Dinosaur