Origami Folds Printer

When making any Origami shape, the main folds of the shape must be folded first which are called the “Crease Pattern”-CP. Then the shaping and detailing folds of the shape come afterwards. And upon designing a new model, the designers obtain a crease pattern that they need to fold to be tested and altered to the desired form through several iterations. On a complex Origami level, it can be quite a hassle taking a long time folding and needs a high level of precision folding to the right angles and lengths. So, here is a device that indents the crease pattern for the user precisely and promptly so it’s ready to be collapsed to shape within a few minutes.
Introducing an opportunity within the vast Origami community globally facilitating the design of new models and shapes and encouraging intermediate Origami practitioners to go more into complex Origami and exploring more into the boundless world of Origami.
Make sure to watch the stopmotion video presentation explaining the whole design journey.

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

Prototype Frame

Prototype Frame

Indenting Tip

SD Card inlet

Actuating Motor

Studio Scribbles

Accessing the studio almost every day possible, I had the studio facilities almost all for myself, So, I took the big board to be my thoughts sink where I put all my thoughts and progress on it yielding in such design beauty.

Crease pattern indented

Successful Specimen

Successful Specimens

Stopmotion Presentation

A Must Watch.