This is the story of a little boy making friends with wild animals. The beast in the story, Nian, comes from a Chinese folk tale about the Spring Festival. I chose this story because I thought the themes of myths and legends would give me more room to develop. There is a big contrast between the two roles. But after experiencing fear, doubt and something they do for friends.

When I dissect myself, I find that I have a lot of misunderstandings about people because of some appearance or one-sided information. For example, when I see a selfie on Facebook, it’s cool, and I think this guy is fierce, but it doesn’t have to be. So Nian’s character is ostensibly a strange beast, and on the other hand he is a symbol of this terrible fantasy.

The story begins with Nian’s interest in the sun. He followed the light all the way upstream, and then he found a whole new place where everything fascinated him. The children who picked up shells on the beach saw the monsters flee in fear of leaving bamboo baskets, leaving only the frightened Feng. But Nian’s strange posture of not being able to walk on his limbs made Feng laugh. Feng shares food from his back to Nian, who also uses huge claws to help Feng find beautiful shells, slowly approaching them. This is the adults with torches and harpoons coming, Nian is injured, Feng wants to protect Nian. He shouted that Nian would not hurt anyone, but to no avail, Nian was driven back into the sea. But the story doesn’t end there, Nian is still looking for beautiful shells for Feng, who also brings fresh fruit and delicious food made by his mother to Nian from time to time.

By the end of the third phase, the result of the project was a children’s picture book, Dummie. In this project, I wanted to change my over-cautiousness in my previous creations, so I tried collages, and Watercolor finally decided to use a combination of oil bars and collages to achieve this effect.

Dummies of Nian - Qianwen Yang