Mystery mushroom

Currently, there is a problem of low economic benefit in woodland, and the commercial value of thinning wood is not high, which aggravates the problem. At the same time, the publicity of woodland is not enough, people do not know about woodland, and have few opportunities to go to woodland.



The project examines the thinning process and the use of thinning products in detail, and the results show that thinning is a common behavior and the value of thinning products was limited. At the same time, we also conducted in-depth interviews with users and learned that they had a certain yearning for woodland, but they didn’t know much about woodland, so they didn’t take action.



The proposal is to build a forest experience box in the city, and at the same time, consumers can have the blind box made of wood chips from thinning wood, which can increase the economic benefits of woodland while publicizing woodland.