Museumate (Masters Project)

It looks like an ordinary notebook from the outside, but its composition is far from simple. Through the design of contents of different working areas in this special notebook, I systematically integrate the process of people visiting the museum to help people record and sort out the information that people want to collect before, during and after the trip to museum, whether it is text, sketch, route or recording, pictures or even videos.


I hope to combine the whole process of visiting the museum through this design, including preparation in advance and later sorting and review, so as to make it a coherent whole with each part interrelated and reduce people’s sense of separation during the journey of visiting museums.

(image: Functions layout design)


There was a concept that I wanted to express through this design in appropriate way. The decentralization. The museum is a space with public attribute and has the responsibility of equally transmitting knowledge to the public. People could have their own ‘collection’ and ‘exhibits’ in appropriate forms for reviewing and sharing with other users and visitors by uploading and storing their favorite photos or videos on the online platform.

When doing tests, the function of uploading and storing digital materials was realized by an alternative way. I used Notion pages prepared in advance to store these photos from participators.

(image: Notion page)