Medical Illustration and Interaction Portfolio

using software such as Unity, Z brush, 3Dsmax, Slicer, Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere pro as well as traditional notebooks sketches.

Digital Illustration

Trigeminal branches innervation of the face and Muscles of facial expression

Rendering of the pelvis Super-Imposed with Segmented 3D Model of Plate and Pins.

Using Slicer

Direct Volume Rendering and Segmentation of both lungs, the trachea and tumoral growths

Hybrid Visualisation of CT, PET and IVR

Depicts intense tumoral activity in context with neuro and viscerocranium as well as brain matter.

Interactive Application on Inner Female Anatomy and Ovulation Process

The aim of the application is to introduce the user to an interactive platform visualising the inner parts of the female anatomy and the ovulation process suitable to a large audience (young adults 12+ years) aimed for personal and/or educative use. The topic was chosen as a response from embedded sexism and misconceptions on female (inner) anatomy as perpetuated online and observed within medical teaching.

Inner Female Anatomy

2d and 3d models used within the application and developed on Photoshop and Illustrator

Digital poster visually communicating some of the contraceptive options currently available

The font size and type (Arial) is adapted to individuals with visual impairments.

Human Skull using Z brush

Vertebrae Re-topology and Upper Arm Modelling

Using 3dsmax

Notebook Sketches

Anterior, Middle cranial fossa and Muscles of the Post Triangle of the Neck

Anatomy of a moving body

Back during my communication and design degree I started documenting bodily muscle development in correlation with boxing training. Originally using large format film, the project aimed to use photography as a 'visually collecting' data tool inspired by George Demeny's Chronophotography. The project equally intended to use visual semiotics of anatomical books, labelling and drawing each muscle juxtaposed on top of the original image. I didn't have any anatomical knowledge at the time, but my current Master's training in anatomy has got me to explore the project again, where the combination of photographic and scientific practice personally feel extremely rewarding.

Histology of gastric pits

Hand study

Pencil sketch