Major Project: Design an Advanced Cooling Panel for Gaming Laptop

With the development of the hardware technology, the hardware which used in the laptop is close even same compared to the desktop. However, its cooling system’s development is limited by the requirement of the size. Which often occurred the problem of overheat and will force the laptop to lower its running efficiency. What’s worse, working in a high-temperature environment for a long time would shrink the lifetime of the laptop. For the current market, there are various cooling panels. However, these cooling panels could only support the cooling system in the laptop to reach its ideal working efficiency. So, I decided to make a new cooling panel that could increase the cooling efficiency of the laptop and not be limited by the original system inside the laptop.

In the user research stage, we pushed our research through user interviews, both online and offline, the offline interview provided face-to-face talking, as well as observed the interviewee’s laptop’s structure, asking for the using experience of the cooling panel and understand their preference to understand the common requirements.
During Concept development stage, several creative plans was outlined. However, during the compassion of these concepts, through some concepts has a higher cooling efficiency, the problem of maintenance service was unacceptable by the participants. Finally, we chose the more traditional concept.

In the prototyping stage, due to the registration of the working time, the prototype was shrunk the size and focus on working condition certificating. Several participants which have different level of the experience of the similar product joined the test and provide constructive feedback for product development.

For the final product, it has three groups of blockers which could suit most of the size of the laptop, moreover, consider the structure of the gaming laptop, over 80% of the gaming laptop has placed the fan on the back part of the laptop, as a result, there would have several ports which aimed to absorb the ejected hot air was placed at the backside of the laptop, these ports connect to the same ventilation layer, which is isolated with the layer which aimed to send cold air into the laptop. For additional function, it also provides a USB expansion function, which working principle is similar to the existed USB expansion product, except its circuit has already connected to the cooling panel for the power supply, which could supply the cooling panel work whatever which port has been connected to the laptop.

Product View

Explosive view

User Interview

Functional Prototype

Prototype Testing

Cross-section of the product

USB Expansion Port

Detail of the product

Using Simulation