This is a modular hair dryer. Users do not need to have engineering knowledge or access to internal circuits, and can repair or update the product by replacing damaged or outdated modules, thereby prolonging the service life of the product and slowing down the circulation of resources.


The hair dryer is divided into three main modules, the heating module, the motor module, and the power supply module. The power supply ports and connection modes between modules fully consider electrical safety, thermal safety, and mechanical safety to ensure user safety. After the modules are inserted into each other, the stability of the connection is further ensured by two fixing rings. The fixed ring is engraved with the factory time of the hair dryer, and the user can also choose a personalized engraving service. With the passage of time, users can replace product modules according to their needs, but the original fixing ring will always be used by users. The fixed ring records the life track of the hair dryer, just like a witness of the continuous relationship between the product and the user.


This design is an exploration of small household appliances in circular economy, reducing the waste of resources caused by the continuous purchase of new products.

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