Light and Shadow

This project base on two research directions: Miao costume and Do Ho Suh’s art works. Miao culture research contributes mostly to the silhouette exploration of this project. While, Do Ho Suh’s incredible art work contributes mostly to the color and fabric choices.

The contemporary research starts from the art architectural work of Do Ho Suh. Base on its feature transparency, a series of similar pictures are generated. They are all colorful, structural and transparent. Base on the secondary research, I decide to explore more about the shadow and light, since sunlight can show the sense of transparency well.

I do my primary research in a method of photography, capturing the status of different items under sunlight. The beautiful shape of shadows contributes a lot to my internal silhouette design. Meanwhile, I took a series of photos capturing different color of tea in glasses, which mainly inspires me of my color board.

In the other part of research, I take a deep research about Miao costume. My focus is the pattern. Miao costume has unique pattern that are combined with squares and rectangles, which is different from Western style.

In Miao culture, the silhouette of garments are rather loose. Thus, belts and aprons are common under this culture. They use these accessories as decorations as well as functional clothing. These parts are responsible for shaping the human figure. Also, they have many special design that are not common in the other regions, such as Beishan, which is always used for carrying things around, especially carring babies.

Miao costume research is the main body of my historical research. It contributes to the outer silhouette of the garment. When designing, I challenge the scale and proportion of the silhouette and make new creative work based on this.

The final silhouette of this project are combined by two main parts, a grand outer garment and fitted inner garment. In order to show the sense of transparency, I use transparent fabrics including organza and organdy. The fiber of fabric are silk and cotton, which are natural and supports sustainability. Since the fabrics are delicate, the sewing technique would most rely on French seam.





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