Journey of Care

How might we provide the roadmap of rehabilitation for key stakeholders with effective engagement at each touch point?

The brief given by NHS Scotland seeks to bridge the gap between the expectations and experience of rehabilitation, set within the context of a Neurological Rehabilitation center. The patients with Neurological conditions due to brain or spinal cord injury are living at the center for supervised rehabilitation and care.

Our target stakeholders are the inpatients, carer or family, therapists, nurses or the rehabilitation center staff.

Journey of Care is a service design proposition which has evolved from communication and engagement values. This design intent transpired from the evidences arising from the ethnographic research involving

  • critical evaluation of online resources & case studies, and
  • interviewing different stakeholders within NHS and people with this medical condition & their family.

The proposal addresses the key unmet needs of our target stakeholders:

  • lack of awareness and orientation in regards to neurological rehabilitation
  • lack of engagement and unpreparedness at the patient’s end
  • the problem faced by carers regarding accessibility and communication during the journey of rehabilitation.

Journey of care is a two part service proposal with a digital portal and a physical kit to cater to the varied abilities and needs of the patients.


Journey of Care, NHS Scotland

The proposed service aims to provide a clear roadmap and encourage effective communication at every touchpoint between the key stakeholders to create more engaging rehabilitation journey.

Journey of Care - Service Proposal

Underlying Features: 1. Considering before, during and after rehabilitation journey addresses the people’s expectation of the next stages, providing access to the full spectrum of the roadmap of neurological rehabilitation. It indicates different touchpoints with notes and contact information of different stakeholders. 2. Our design took into consideration two key aspects of communication that is content design and visual representation. The evidences of our research repeatedly pointed towards enhancing positivity and motivation through language and visuals (colors, shapes, textures). 3. Another integrated feature of the online portal uses latest digital technology of IoB (Internet of Behaviour) which helps in enhancing the interaction of the portal by mapping the user behavior patterns. 4. Personalization is the key feature that empowers the staff to identify patient’s needs and deliver to them the content, experience, and functionality that matches their individual requirements and abilities.

Service Delivery - Service Blueprint

Enhancing In-patient experience through the service proposition requires the rehabilitation center to channelize its resources, have cross-departmental co-ordination, and address all touchpoints throughout the span of service delivery and their association with the patients. The service blueprint for ‘Journey of Care’ at NHS depicts the use of the physical evidences (email/phone communication, online portal, hello kit, and emotion diary), across the touchpoints covering before, during and after rehabilitation.

Impact & Viability