In Our Area


Glasgow has the highest number of deprived neighbourhoods in Scotland, it is also home to multiple transit areas.

Over 50% of the 20% most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK are classified as transit areas. These areas have high numbers of in-movers and out-movers from less deprived places, often staying for short periods of time.

Transit neighbourhoods often have an influence on residents attachment to places, where a high turnover can evoke feelings of lack of safety, trust and security as well as undermine social networks.

So What Did I Do?

Through applied research, interviews with experts and engagement with stakeholders, I developed a multifaceted service that creates a stronger network between all entities in an area southwest of the River Clyde, Glasgow.

Residents wanted a central hub and more local activities in their area, but were unaware of what was available to them, due to geographical boundaries, a lack of representation and information sharing; often heading out of the local area to socialise, shop and partake in group activities.

In engagement sessions with members from a local community group, it was discovered that the area had lots of activity, yet they were “hidden behind grey walls.” The community group members already had a connection/interest in community work, enabling them to build knowledge on their area easier than other residents who were more transient.

So, I designed ‘In Our Area’, a service to help better connect all entities in an area, to help build upon existing community strength.

Visualised Data: Disconnection

Persona Board: Under-Represented Local

In Our Area Storyboard

Visualised Data: Connection

Persona Board: Community Committed Local

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