HoloAnatomy Application & HoloViewer

Early exposure to science, technology, engineering and maths has been suggested as a key way to encourage young people into STEM fields, and incorporating novel educational resources, such as 3D visualisation technologies, alongside more traditional teaching pedagogies can be an efficient means to engage young students with learning.

Digital visualisations have been used to help educate young people on a variety of anatomical topics, and can be beneficial to students’ learning experience, both in terms of knowledge acquisition and student engagement. One such 3D visualisation technology that is now being explored for its educational use is that of holographic projection, however cost has been identified as one of the main barriers to its use. As such, the development of cost-effective approaches to holographic visualisation can help to remove financial barriers to access this novel approach.

This project developed a hologram-based anatomy application in combination with a cost-effective holographic projection system, suitable for educational environments. Innovative visualisation methods were utilised to produce the HoloAnatomy application, which enables students to interact with 3D anatomical models using a voice command system. The app can be viewed on the tabletop HoloViewer, which was built using cheap and readily accessible materials and could be easily reproduced by a person with basic DIY skills. These developments represent a step towards the use of low-cost digital holographic projection in anatomy education, something that will hopefully help to encourage the engagement of young people with anatomy in the future.

Picture of the tabletop HoloViewer in a dark room showing a scene from the HoloAnaotmy app

HoloViewer & HoloAnatomy App

HoloAnatomy App | Heart Scene

To find out more about the function of the heart the user can say “Fact” and a fact box will open in the scene. There are 10 potential fact boxes that can be displayed, with a random box being selected by the application every time the “Fact” command is made.
Pictyre of the table top holoviewer

HoloViewer | Final Build

Using the information gathered through the prototyping and development of the tabletop HoloViewer, a final HoloViewer frame was made.
Picture of the HoloViewer

HoloViewer & HoloAnatomy App | Demo Video

HoloAnatomy | Heart Scene

Anatomical and blood flow labels can be added to the heart model.

HoloAnatomy | Lung scene

Anatomical labels can also be added to the lung model. If the heart model is then rotated, these labels will rotate with model, giving a clearer view of labelled structures.

HoloAnatomy | Rib scene

Models can be rotated in all directions using the voice command system.

HoloViewer & HoloAnatomy App | Final Presentation