History, Unwrapped

History, Unwrapped

You have been toiling away in the Egyptian desert for months before your team finally uncovered this long-forgotten tomb. Who is buried here? When did they live? How did they die? You have been tasked with answering these questions.

PLAY: https://izaink.itch.io/history-unwrapped


This educational game is designed to teach the player about polyomics through the discovery and analysis of an ancient Egyptian mummy. Polyomics is the umbrella term that relates to fields such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and epigenetics. The player will collect samples throughout the mummies tomb, in the canopic jars (the jars that hold the mummy’s internal organs), in the mummy’s wrappings, and on the mummy themselves. These sample could then be brought to the lab and ran through machines. The output of the machines will help the player piece together the mummy’s story. They will find out when the mummy lived, what their occupation was, some information about their lives, and how they died.

Mummy's Body


The player must explore the tomb to uncover the mysteries of the mummy.


The player could inspect the various organs and collect samples.