The construction of “Goldfin”, began with my interest in exploring an eco-dystopian world set in the future; a place that was bleak and with little or no hope for survival. Goldfin was very much a sterile and controlled environment, ran by robots who had been abandoned by humans who could no longer survive on the planet they destroyed. My reason for creating such a place lie in my observations of the current climate that we exist within; ecosystems and loss of nature or on the brink of extinction, along with human destruction of the environment we live in. My reflections on this, lie within the realm of humanity being complacent, but also, I wanted to pose a warning of the consequences of our current actions and how they could affect our future.

This project was an exploration of comics, challenging my technical drawing skills, as well as writing skills, and I enjoyed developing the narrative for this project which is why I decided to expand it further through two semesters.
My hope with this, is potentially develop and complete the second comic as well as get this published. I also wanted to explore discussions around future imagings and how creative and scientific minds can come together to think of ways of communicating climate change in numerous ways.