Friend in Cushion

“Friend in Cushion” is a smart product with emotion and temperature. Young people in modern society are not only facing heavy pressure, but also facing many health problems, of which sleep and mental health are the most concerned. We hope to build people’s emotional bridge through a physical object. From my personal point of view, the Internet has reduced the threshold of people’s communication with various fancy functions, but at the same time, it also makes people tired and helpless in the face of increasing social relations. This is far from true companionship. We hope to implement the virtual connection to the entity and simplify the complex way of information transmission into a more natural and peaceful form.


This design attempts to transfer some slight and regular dynamic or static information of people’s body, such as peaceful breathing sound, rhythmic stroking, etc., as a signal between users through this product. These signals will be accurately collected and displayed in the form of sound or light by another person. These forms are usually white noise or breathing lamps, which are designed to create easier conditions for users to fall asleep.


In terms of technical application, I used Arduino’s sensors and kits to build a prototype of technical implementation and to help promote the progress of the project.


Friend in Cushion (Prototype)

Friend in Cushion (Prototype)

Friend in Cushion (Hand made Prototype)

Arduino Prototype