Fold everything

The subject of my research is the relationship between two and three dimensions. In this project, I looked at some artworks and then looked at the concept of ‘compression’, the physical transformation of something three-dimensional into something close to two-dimensional, so I compressed clothes in a vacuum compression bag to see these shapes. A collage of flat shapes is then obtained, opening up the already folded space through a concept similar to origami, which creates new silhouettes, and these different silhouettes can be arranged in random combinations to become garments, where the collar can become a cuff or hem.

The collection is geometric, essentially all the seams and dividing lines are straight, retaining the angles, and the choice of zips for most of the joints means that these can be reconnected to each other, with endless possibilities for wear, and the folded spaces hidden within them create countless new three-dimensional shapes. This is one of the parts that I find very interesting, like deconstructing and reconstructing a garment, giving it endless possibilities, and giving the wearer a wild imagination, and I hope that everyone can find their own pleasure in wearing it.