Final Collections

The main purpose of this project is to discuss the female stereotypes and contemporary female Femininity under male aesthetics, focusing on fashion.

In the part of visual Research, I focused on the harm caused by orthotics to women and the uncomfortable and distorted aesthetic feeling. Extract the orthotic structure and combine it with the garment. Experiment is used to discuss the relationship and shape between orthotics and the body.

Historical Research is inspired by clothing of the Victorian period and braces of that time. The style of clothing is exaggerated corset and waist structure. Tight waist and loose skirt, as well as bubble sleeve elements to reflect the feminine characteristics. And Corset’s pattern, silhouette. Conduct research and use of materials and fabrics for corset.
Most of the inspiration for 2D and 3D exploration comes from my historical research. I use vintage elastic bras combined with calico to do draping on the stage to get the silhouette.

Colour research I mainly focus on light colors. In the use of fabrics, I will try to apply the elements of fish bones and chest pads to put other parts of the body. Make the design free from the constraints of women’s waist. Soft and transparent elastic fabric to reflect the soft and hard side of women.

Sampling part, such as the use of hook eye and buckles, and the processing of hem and other edge finishing. And I observed the techniques of the shirts and the treatment of ruffers. And the processing of chest pads

In the process of development, it is difficult to get the material of braces.I tried to use a heat gun to heat the acrylic to form different shapes of the braces.

Fashion film