Entropy Farm

The Entropy Farm explores a dynamic order between humans and farm animals, which is a more organic human-pig relation model of open-endedness, flexibility, resilience, and adaptation, focusing on the generative interactions between things and their environment. I draw on the concept of the fold (Gilles Deleuze, 1992) that to trace connections between spaces and bodies: the world folds into the self at different speeds and on a variety of levels and intensities affecting the ways we live, relate to other species. As Donna Haraway argues that humans are not separate from animal other, but always ‘become with’ other species. Entropy Farm is an experience place where people can understand the suffering of pigs in the current intensive industry and begin to rethink the way we treat animals. It would lead people began to change their attitudes and take practical actions further.

This research rejects the anthropocentrism view, focus on the depiction of animal perspective, and at the same time metaphor the instability and interaction of the boundary between humans and animals. The project challenged designers to think beyond our taken-for-granted humanist frameworks and to consider explicitly the ways in which farm spaces and practices are co-produced, shaped and experienced by human and nonhuman animals, and what those multispecies encounters add to understandings to our well-being and self-identity.

Theorical concept

Parametric models

Interconnection Diagram

Relation Prototype



Floor Plan

Entropy Farm4

Transformation & Lookout platform

Transformation G Floor


Interdependence & Lookout platform

Entropy Nest

Relation model_Dynamic 1

Relation model_Dynamic 2

Relation model_Dynamic 3