Empowering Patient-led Rehabilitation

A live project with a Scottish partner organization to re-evaluate the services provided for Neurological Rehabilitation at a local treatment facility. It became clear by speaking with patients, family members, and practitioners that patient recovery must be patient lead for long term success. But the question of how to empower patients while they undergo critical and vulnerable treatment was a delicate balance of empathy and aspiration. We identified user persona types based on our research and were able to roleplay the various barriers and motivations felt by our stakeholders. The final outcome was centered around empowering practitioners with better tools for earnestly engaging with patients and understanding the unique needs, wants, and desires of each individual; resulting in a bespoke and co-created treatment plan in which the patient feels in control of their progress and has full transparency of their experience within the healthcare system.


Engagement tools for practitioner and patient co-creation of bespoke recovery plans.

Initial Research and Participant Recruitment

Leveraging social media communities for remote digital projects was invaluable.

Ecosystem Map - Spheres of Influence

Stakeholder Pathways

Thematic Analysis

Group Ideation Session

Working mostly remotely during this project, we took sunny days as opportunity to safely meet outdoors, connect in person, and have an ideation/sketching session.

NHS 4 - Sketches

Affinity Mapping

Tool Testing and Iterating

Storyboarding through roleplay