Embrace of the city




Daily life of the homeless

A large part of the daily life of the homeless is to walk and shuttle between various places in the city. For ordinary people, a building is their home, but for the homeless, the whole city is their home which is bigger than anyone's home.

which negelected urban public space in London can be used?

Through observation, I evaluated eight aspects of public space found on the streets of London that can be used to build shared homes.

Residential buildings in London


After observing the residential buildings in London above, I found that the two characteristics of centrality and continuity in the architecture are also related to selfexpression. Self-expression is reflected on the exterior of the house, with personally colored doors and the wall, as well as the decorations and plants on the wall. Buildings are connected one after another, separated by high walls, forming a sense of patchwork of different heights, and everyone has his own building with his own color, increasing the psychological experience of this home as the root and reflecting that this is the main territory of the owner, and giving the owner a sense of belonging and stability.

family scene in the TV series


In the above observation and analysis of the family scene in the TV series, I found that the most common expression of Self-expression and Personal Identity in the family is by placing some decorations with personal characteristics, some commemorative photos, some daily necessities familiar to space users or some objects expressing the festive atmosphere in the space, making this space for self-expression. The expression of these family scenes in the concept of Social Relationship is that space provides a place to socialize with family and friends, where many things that promote the development of interpersonal relationships will occur, such as in the living room or restaurant.

APP of shared homes


Structure of Shared Homes

The architectural structure of Shared Homes is attached and inlaid on the wall of railway, which is the modular structure, like a long train, and we can set the number of rooms according to the length of the wall.

Section of Shared Homes from sidewalk direction

Self-expression Installation on the wall

There is a fake window frame on the outer wall of every shared home along the street. Many small squares are hung on this window frame. The front and back of the small squares have different colors. The homeless can rotate these squares according to their own preferences, thereby making their own "paintings" to express themselves. Through this special installation , the homeless can let the shared home communicate information has his own mark, gaining a sense of belonging and showing his main territory.


Based on the above observation of the family scene in the TV series, I extracted some self-expression elements and collaged them. These elements make the homeless in the space feel at home. I began to think about how to place and express these elements on the wall, and then I designed such a wall as the main wall in the shared home.

Plan and Function

Section of the double room

Section of the single room

Section of the double room

Section of the single room