Digital Design – Craft Fabrication: Crafting Prototypes

The proposed crafts have been trialled in the domestic environment.

Tapestry Pattern

A pattern created by scripting in Grasshopper to extract and translate information from the Weaving Near Kilmartin soundscape, weaving gesture image and photograph of fabric scraps which were available.

Homemade Loom

Wall Hanging

The result of weaving using the output pattern and scrap fabrics.

Mycelium Tile: 3D Print

Extracting and translating information from the Planing in Glasgow soundscape, a tile form was created and 3D-printed

Mycelium Tile: Silicon Mould

Silicon mould taken from the 3D print.

Mycelium Tile

Grown in the silicon mould using wood shavings taken from visit to furniture maker Martin Campbell as substrate.

Willow Weaving Pattern

Pattern output from Grasshopper scripting to translate Basket Making in Argyll soundscape into 3D form to be woven in willow.

Willow Weaving Stakeboard

Board created to allow the willow to be woven into complex forms output from scripts.

Woven Screen Prototype

Small-scale prototype of the proposed Woven Willow Screen.

Patchwork Plan

Pattern output from Grasshopper scripts using information extracted from the Sewing soundscape and an image of available scrap fabrics.

Patchwork Blocks

Patchwork Cushion