Collaborative Futures: Glasgow’s Food Futures – Local Systems of Innovation in 2031

Collaborative Futures is a three and a half month master’s project at the Glasgow School of Art’s (GSA) Innovation School. This year’s project was delivered in partnership with the Centre for Civic Innovation (CCI) at Glasgow City Council.

The project explored the Glasgow food system and the ways in which it impacts people and ecologies within neighbourhoods. The intention is that the grounded, yet speculative outcomes can be integrated within the CCI’s ongoing work to establish local eco-systems for social innovation.

The project team brought together two students in their final year on the Master of European Design programme at GSA; two recent graduates of the Masters in Design Innovation programme at GSA; and two members of the CCI team.

This project has helped to further my practice in co-production, using a speculative design approach that is embedded throughout the process timeline. The project involved collaborating with participants on the planning, design, delivery and evaluation stages of a project, creating relational, capacity-building, power sharing and more participatory outcomes and ways of working together.

Please see the link below for the project website.

Core research question

Co-Design Future World-Building Workshop