Circular Fashion Box

The desire to accumulate wealth is instinctive to all animals regardless of species. We do this to signify dominance, desirability, and even self fulfillment. As humans we are not above this primal instinct and in fact have cultivated it into our very own cultural fabric. To distinguish ourselves from our consumption is now nearly impossible… but the evidence is undeniable that our consumer behaviours are having a truly detrimental effect on our climate and futures. With this project we look to leverage a reimagined service model that invokes long term behaviour change and new relationships with our consumer nature. People will continue to “shop” but can we make how they shop and what they buy more ethical and socially sustainable.

This project introduces a circular economics service model that makes encourages consumers to “wear the original” and trade in for “new pieces”. This keeps societies consumptive nature in consideration while moving to a more sustainable mindset and diminishing the idea of independent ownership and waste while retaining the desired usability, convenience and price of faster fashion models.

This was a collaborative project and was submitted for this year’s RSA Student Design Awards.

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